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Privacy Statement
We created the following Privacy Statement in the English language solely for your convenience.
It is a rough translation of our Privacy Statement in the German language and has just informational character.
For legal purposes our Privacy Statement in the German language is solely binding.
Information we receive from you will be handled by us strictly confidentally. This concerns especially personal information like names, (mail-)addresses and phone numbers. In cases where it seems suitable to us forwarding your information to third parties without your explicit agreement, we will always anonymize the information prior to forwarding.
Page Access
By visiting our web pages general - not personal - data concerning your visit may be stored, e.g. date and time of visit, page name visited, used type of internet browser and similar information. Should we access this data, we will solely do so for statistical purposes. We are for example interested to see, which of our web pages are - in total - accessed more frequently or more rarely.
When you visit our web pages, we ourselves as well as third parties will or may place cookies on your machine. Purpose of placing cookies is on one hand to create more comfort for you during your visit (e.g. to simplify your navigation through our web pages), on the other hand to gather data and information. Details concerning cookie usage are described in the subsequent sections. Your internet browser offers you possibilities to reject automatical acceptance of cookie placements as well as subsequent cookie deletions. Some internet browsers offer quite extensive options of cookie handling, e.g. to allow or reject cookie placements initiated by distinct sources. Please see your internet browser's help pages for details. In case of rejection of cookie placements - when visiting our web pages - you may however notice reduced comfort and/or lack of functionality.
Our Cookies
During your visit of our web pages we ourselves place cookies on your machine. Momentarily we place a maximum of two cookies on your machine:
•  A cookie named "i" may be placed to enhance your comfort concerning your navigation through our web pages and to improve the display of up-to-date data. This cookie will automatically be deleted when you terminate your browser session.
•  A cookie named "CookiesErlaubt" may be placed when you confirm our on the upper window area placed notice "Wir verwenden Cookies..." / "We use cookies..." by clicking the "OK." button. Once this cookie is placed that notice will no longer be displayed. This cookie's lifetime is limited to a maximum of one year, depending on your internet browser's configuration.
These cookies will be placed under and belong to our physical website foxyphone.tarife-fuer-ferngespraeche.de. Information concerning these cookies - and their values, respectively - are not forwarded to us or to third parties.
Third-Party Cookies
Due to counters, widgets and/or advertisements placed on our web pages, cookies and web beacons may be placed on your machine by third parties in order to gather information. These third parties may eventually use information (but not your name, address, e-mail-address or phone number) concerning your visit of our and other web sites in order to place advertisements for products and services matching your assumed interest. Whether you like to learn more concerning these methods or whether you like to learn about your possibilities to prohibit data usage by third parties, please visit the following web pages:
•   How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps
•  Twitter Privacy Policy
•  Zanox Policies and Privacy
Please note our Imprint (in German language).
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